Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones Net Worth 2021

Alex Jones Net Worth 2021 – He is an American radio show host and conspiracy theorist. He is very well known for his multiple conspiracy theories. He is one of the famous personalities of the world. Alex Jones’s net worth is included in the top radio show hosts of the world.

He hosts many shows such as The Alex Jones Show from Austin, Texas. He is involved in many controversies. He started his career in 1990, where he was running a public-access television program. According to New York Magazine, he is “America’s Leading Conspiracy Theorist”.

He is the owner of the news website named InfoWars, which was founded in 1999. Peoples from all over the world search about him. He is very popular for his controversies with Government and other celebrities. He is always describing something new that becomes in the news headlines.

Alex Jones Net Worth 2021

Net Worth:$13 Million
Age:47 Years
Born:11 February 1974
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Professional Radio Show Host, Conspiracy Theorist
Last Updated:June 2020
ChildrenRex Jones, other three not known
SpouseKelly Jones

Alex Jones Early Life

Alex Jones is born on 11 February 1974 in Dallas, Texas. His father’s name is David Jones and his mother’s name is Carol Jones. His father is a dentist, whereas his mother is a homemaker. He was raised in the city of Austin.

In 1993, he is graduated from Anderson High School, which is a public high school located in Austin. When he was a teenager, he read a conspiracy theory of the theorist, Gary Allen, in his book None Dare Call It Conspiracy. He is inspired by the theory.

The theory influences him and he decided to become a conspiracy theorist like him. So, the interest to become a conspiracy theorist took place in his life.

Then, he makes this interest in his career. After completed his school studies, he gets enrolled in Austin Community College, which is a public community college in Austin.

But due to some reasons, he was dropped out of college. Then, he soon started his career as a radio host. He hosts his own radio show by his own name. He is now a famous celebrity, who gets successful in creating his own identity. One book influences him a lot, that he decided what he has to become.

He is always remaining in the news headlines for his controversies and conspiracies. This becomes popular all over the world.

Alex Jones Career

He started his career by a program when he appeared in a public-access cable television program. In 1996, he hosts his first radio show named The Final Edition on KJFK. Ron Paul appeared on his show several times as a guest.

In 1995, when the Oklahoma City bombing took place, Alex Jones started accusing the government of this incident. In 1998, he released his first film named America Destroyed by Design.

In the same year, he started to build a new church which was named Branch Davidian Church. This church was build in the memory of those peoples who died during the fire which took place in 1993.

In 1999, he with Shannon Burke, who is also a radio show host appeared in a radio show named “Best Austin Talk Radio Host”.

He then started to host his online show at his home. In 2001, his radio show was syndicated on more than 100 stations. He starts gaining popularity as a radio show host.

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In 2007, he was arrested by the police when he was protesting 6th Avenue and 48th Street in New York City. Here he with his group crashed a live television show that features Geraldo Rivera.

In 2016, during Republican National Convention, he and Roger Stone began to plan the removal of Ted Cruz from his senate. In 2017, he started hosting a contest to make the best “CNN Meme”. The winner of this show received a price of $20,000.

With his hosting career, he is also the publisher and director of the InfoWars website. But, his news website is described as a fake news website and is made responsible for spreading conspiracy theories. After this, his website was banned from Facebook. He operates another website named

In 2015, he announces that he was bond a relationship with American president Donald Trump. Donald Trump also appeared on his show “The Alex Jones Show”.

He is included in many vaccine controversies. He is also a vocal gun rights advocate. In 2013, he was invited to speak on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. But this speech soon turned into a “one person shoutfest” by hm.

Alex Jones Personal Life

In 2007, he get married to Kelly Jones. The couple has three children from their marriage. But, this relationship was not going longer and they decided to get separated. In 2015, they divorced. His wife Kelly wanted the custody of their three children because she said Jones’s behavior was not good.

The court decided to give the rights to Kelly about their children. His son, Rex Jones has worked in Infowars. he received media attention when he appeared in a video that was critical of gun control and BuzzFeed News.

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On 10 March 2020, he was again arrested and charged with driving when he was intoxicated in Texas. Then he was released at 4.11 a.m. “on a personal recognize bond”.

Alex Jones Age, Weight and Height

Alex Jones is 47 years old. His weight is 85 kg and his height is 5’6″.

Alex Jones Net Worth 2021

Alex Jones Awards

Alex Jones is awarded several awards as a host of his radio show. He is much time criticized by the peoples for his controversies.

He always remains in the news for his controversies and something which he does and speaks about any topic.

He has many time legal issues for which he is arrested too. Many peoples like him and some disliked him.

But the fact is that now he becomes a famous celebrity, who is known by everyone in all the countries of the world.

Do you like him? Have you seen him in controversies? Have you watched his radio show The Alex Jones Show? What do you think about him? Comment us in the comment section.

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