Amazing Facts of USA in 21st Century

Facts of USA in 21st Century

As we know, Every country has fun facts, United States of America are one of them, that is well developed, the country is amazing in every field like in space exploration they have best scientists in Nasa and they are lots of celebrities that live there and there are lots of Olympic players that live in the USA. There are lots of amazing facts of USA in 21st century we need to explore.

In simple words, the USA won many medals in the Olympics and in the military or any other field. The USA is popular because they are lots of opportunities in the USA for people who want to show their talents. The USA has amazing places that we can visit on vacation. There are lots of interesting and amazing facts about the USA in the 21st century.

Let’s just start with the statue of liberty that is known for freedom that was many years ago and it’s 152ft taller. We can go and enjoy the view of the statue of liberty. It shows only a sign of freedom when the USA first got his freedom and now it’s a developed country that everyone knows.

America is a big country with lots of amazing cities and states and the best government with a stable set of rules and regulations and every person follows the rules made by the USA government. everyone just loves their country and does not violates. So here we go with our amazing facts of USA that Americans are holding why USA is famous and what makes the country popular.

Amazing Facts of USA in 21st Century

Americans consume 3 billion pizzas in total per year

As one of the most amazing facts of USA is American loves eating pizza. pizza has not invented the USA but the USA people love eating pizzas and they consume more than 3 billion pizza in the year.

Americans have a strong bond with pizzas and Pizza is available in every state or city in the United States of America.

Americans inventions until today

America is known for centuries and they are lots of scientists that invented amazing things and developed technology till the 21st century. getting started with

The cell phone – Cell phone is an amazing invention till now that was invented by Martin Cooper. he invented many things that are very popular and available in the 21st century.

lightbulb – lightbulb was the great invention made by martin cooper that every house to lighten their home in the night at helps in doing work in the dark.

The airplane – Airplane was the greatest invention of the USA that helped every country to go anywhere in less time by flying. It works like other vehicles but it can fly in the sky and do amazing jobs in less time.

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GPS is invented By USA

GPS is one of the most important things that everyone carries either it is in a cell phone or it can be used by militaries. it is used to track the actual location of any people, anytime and anywhere. tracking is done under the control of the government. there are great number of facts of USA in 21st century

GPS invention

The current flag of the USA was designed by a 17-year-old

The current flag was designed by a person named was  Robert G. Heft and he made it in his school project when he was 17 years old from now the flag design is the same and it shows rules, regulations, and freedom.

NASA – Exploring Space

NASA is the biggest scientist place invented by the USA were all astronauts work to explore the earth and space things. talented scientists work there and invent new things on a daily basis. they can tell whether reports or what’s going on outside in space that is pretty amazing.

There is a lot to explore in the USA. The USA is a great country where every resource is available at the time.

The USA has won the most Olympic Medals of all times

The USA is a country, where there are a large number of Olympics players, live there and made their country proud by winning Olympics medals.

In the Winter Olympic Games, Norway has won the most but combined with the Summer Olympic Games, the U.S. has won the most medals.

USA olympic medals

Home for Many celebrities and Music Artists

You may know or may not, So the USA is a place where many celebrities and musical artists live and enjoy their lives by entertaining the audience.

one of the greatest artists of all time include Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Metallica, Eminem, Beyonce, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Billy Joel, Whitney Houston, Ray Charles, Madonna lives in the USA and there many more these are just some who lives in America. there are many Facts of USA in 21st Century that we need to know

James and Mary Common Name gave to Americans

If you don’t know I am telling you that James and marry are common names used in the USA, these names are very commonly given to American citizens.

If you are male your name will be James If you are female then you will be given the name of mary. this is amazing Facts of USA in 21st Century.

Best Passports in The world – USA

The best passport is made in America that’s why the USA is famous. Americans can travel the world quite freely and they can pride themselves on the fact that they have one of the world’s best passports made in the USA. U.S. citizens can travel to 116 countries without a visa requirement or they are travel more than 116 countries with this passport.

Best Passports in The world - USA

A large number of entrepreneurs existed in the USA

The USA is a country where a large number of entrepreneurs existed and they are a billionaire. The USA is a land of opportunity and we can complete our dreams of staying and working in the USA. Everything is possible in the USA.

ITs a dream country with lots of population and a high number of opportunities available at every step for the common people. People can train themselves in many saves and op[en up their opportunities in which field they want. The entrepreneur’s list is increasing in the USA day by day. this fact is crazy and the number one Facts of USA in 21st Century.

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