Barbara Corcoran Net Worth

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2021

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2021 – She is an American businesswoman, speaker, consultant, investor, author, syndicated columnist, and television personality.

She is the founder of Corcoran Group, which was a real estate brokerage company in New York City. In 2001, she sold this group to NRT, which is also a real estate brokerage company for $66 million.

Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is included in the successful businesswomen of the United States. She writes several books named Larry King Live. With the books, she also writes an article in the New York Daily News. She is one of the personalities who have a number of talents.

She started her career after completing his education. She is always remaining in the news headlines and in business magazines for her professional life. She is a good speaker who speaks on many topics. With this, she provides consultants with various matters.

Barbara Corcoran Net Worth 2021

Net Worth:$93 Million
Age:72 Years
Born:10 March 1949
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Professional Businesswomen, Speaker, Consultant, Investor, Author, Syndicated Columnist, and Television Personality.
Last Updated:June 2020
ChildrenKatie Higgins, Tom Higgins
SpouseBill Higgins

Barbara Corcoran Early Life

Barbara Corcoran is born on 10 March 1949 in Edgewater, New Jersey. She is born into an Irish-Catholic family. Her parents have 10 children and she was the second child among the 10. She completed her school studies from St. Cecilia High School, which is a Catholic high school in Englewood.

Then she transferred to Leonia High School, which is a public high school in New Jersey. After completing her school studies, she gets enrolled in St. Thomas Aquinas College, which is a private arts college in Sparkill, New York. In 1971, she completed her Bachelor’s of Education from this college.

Now, she is very well famous for her own name. She creates her identity from her parent’s identity. She is one of the most searched and famous personalities of the United States. She inspired many youngsters also who wanted to become a business celebrity like her.

After completing her education, she started her career. Her first job was at a school where she taught for a year. Then she left the job. She was also working as a waitress in an institution. She wanted to do something big which gets her the popularity that she wanted to gain. She does many other little jobs before starting her career in business.

Barbara Corcoran Career

She wanted to become a successful businesswoman. For this, she worked many other jobs like a teacher, a waitress, and a side job renting apartments in New York City. When she was working as a waitress, her boyfriend suggests her to work in a real estate company.

She gets ready to do the job. Then she started working in the Giffuni Brothers’ real estate company in New York City. In this company, she was worked as a receptionist. She doesn’t want to work as a normal employee. Her dreams were too big and she wanted to be the boss of the company.

In 1973, to make her dream happening in reality, she thinks to start her own business. For this, she with her boyfriend take a loan of $1000 for the foundation of The Corcoran-Simone. After seven years of working with each other, they broke up and gets separated.

The reason behind this separation was that his boyfriend wanted to marry her secretary so they decided to get separated. After the separation, she formed her own company named The Corcoran Group. In 2001, she sold her business to NRT, another real estate company for $ 66 million.

Not only a businesswoman, but she is also an inspirational and motivational speaker. Her speech is very motivating that encourages other peoples to do fulfill their dreams.

She is also worked on Television. In 2017, Barbara Corcoran announced as a contestant in the 25th season of the show Dancing With the Stars. On this show, her partner was Keo Motsepe. But they were eliminated in September 2017.

She is the author of the best seller “Shark Tales: How I Turned $1000 Business into a Billion Dollar Business”. She was worked as a host in the top business podcast “Business Unusual with Barbara Corcoran”. She is an investor who invests in the show Shark Tank. She wrote many business articles in business magazines to spread knowledge.

In 2020, she appeared in an American television comedy series Grace and Frankie as herself. She appeared in the sixth season of this show. Barbara Corcoran’s net worth is increased by $13 million every year. It is estimated that she earned $13 million every year after paying all the taxes.

Barbara Corcoran Personal Life

In 1988, she gets married to Bill Higgins, who is a retired Navy captain and also the participant of the Gulf War. He is currently working as an FBI agent.

Now, they are living in Manhattan. In 1994, she give birth to their first child a son named Tom in vitro fertilization with an egg. The egg was donated by her sister Florence.

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Later, they adopted a girl named Kate Higgins. She has dyslexia, which is a reading disorder. Now, she is living with her family. But she always in the news for her works. She has many talents through which she becomes a successful personality.

Barbara Corcoran Age, Weight, and Height

Barbara Corcoran is 72 years old. Her weight is 60 kg and her height is 5’5″.

Barbara Corcoran Awards

She is the winner of many business awards. Her award list includes a four-time Emmy award-winning show, Shark Tank, and more.

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