Best places to live in California

California is the coolest state in the United States. Not cool as in the weather but cool as in the most fashionable place to stay. Whether is also great and the beaches are wonderful. the societies are nice everywhere, you can shift to any place in Calfornia. it’s home to Hollywood royalty. There are lots of best places to live in California

It’s a great thing that everyone wants to move here. California is a beautiful State and best to live in. As there are many best places to live in California. Every year lots of visitors visit there for joy. the tech Capital Exist in California Called Silicon Valley.

Moving to California or just came to visit Calfornia City. If you cannot decide where to live in Calfornia or you find cheap or best affordable places to live in Calfornia then this article can help you to know where to go and where to stay according to your budget.

There are lots of places to live in Calfornia. So the biggest problem comes that people just fail to find cheap living places in Calfornia. So here we gonna tell you every best and cheap or affordable place to live in California.

If you want to get permanent shifted to the new city like in California or any other city. If you are finding a good society and great places where you feel comfortable. Then we must read this article till the end. here are the top 10 places to live in Calfornia.

Best places to live in the California

Here in California, there are lots of affordable places to live where you can live comfortably. So let’s get started with California cities.


Fresno is a city in California with around 5 lakh + population and the prices of houses are not much. The median Value of Houses in Fresno is $224,000. Affordable housing, cultural attractions, and a recently renovated city are available in California. you can move anytime you want.


This city is the capital of Calfornia. The weather and Places are amazing there. lots of restaurants, hotels, parks are available in Sacramento. This is an amazing city with almost 5 lakh population. you can afford homes there you can purchase the house is $240,000. Sacramento is located in the northern part of the state at the base of the Sierra Nevada.

Best places to live in California

Best places to live in northern California

There are lots of places in northern California where you can rent a house or you can purchase it for permanent at affordable prices. You can stay in the best places in northern California


Like other northern California towns, Stockton is surrounded by vineyards and farms, providing farm to table fare for residents. The city struggled a lot through financial condition but now it is making a comeback. Everyone can stay and live there, the city is beautiful and wonderful for visitors. the city as marvelous after a lot of financial struggles.


Irvine is the best city in Calfornia As the city is really Quite and pleasing. The city is also home to several colleges and universities, a lot of colleges exist there and the population is around 3 lakh in this city. the price of the houses in Irvine in northern California is Quite Cheap and affordable. you can go for it.

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Cheap places to live in California

There are lots of cities in California where you can buy homes in cheap or affordable prices and lives there permanently. Best places to live in California. you can choose Best places to live in California


Fremont City is fabulous in their own way but the city has around 2 lakh + population and the surroundings are very nice and you can purchase or live in the Fremont at an affordable price. you can buy expensive also. It all depends on you, how much you want to spend to buy the house.


Modesto is also a city in Calfornia with almost 2 lakh population. A central California town with a rich agricultural history and culture Modesto embodies the best of both worlds. the societies in Modesto are amazing and Quit. all are well settled. you can live in Modesto if you wanted to.

Best places to live in California

Affordable places to live in California

There are lots of places where you can afford the places and live permanently in California. You can buy the houses anytime in Calfornia if you are ok with the prices. there are many cities where you can live and have fun.

Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is an economic hub in the middle of the USA and its also the middle of the wine country. the places are amazing there for visiting or for traveling. The city is surrounded by farmlands, vineyards, orchards, and many more things. the population in Santa Rosa is less than 2 lakh but there are lots of affordable places in California where you can live.


Like other cities, Redding is also the heart of California where lots of people and enjoy their life. the population is almost 1 lakh in Redding But the places are cheap and affordable in Redding. you can buy homes and live there. The town is known for its Sundial Bridge, a suspension bridge over the Sacramento River that actually functions as a sundial. The city is very beautiful and people live there are of very good nature.

Best places to live in California


There are lots of Best places to live in California which you can afford or buy homes in Cheap. but the people and weather are amazing in California. you can entertain yourself in California. there are lots of places to visit in California.

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