Blizzard How To Uninstall Game

Blizzard How To Uninstall Game

Most of You guys know about Blizzard. If you don’t know where I am gonna explain in detail. Blizzard is a popular gaming service that allows us to run games such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and many others. Blizzard How To Uninstall Game is a basic problem that you can easily fix.

Users may often notice that the user may run slower over time, because of the performance of the PC. So We recommended reinstalling the client from time to time to avoid this.

If you want to remove battle. net fully then after reading this article you can easily do the task. if you are fetting confused let me tell you battle. net is an application by Blizzard by which you can play lots of amazing games.

Blizzard How To Uninstall Game Full Tutorial

So, If you are struggling with uninstalling game Blizzard. By reading this you can uninstall all Blizzard Games. So to help you, we have prepared solution you can follow some steps to do the task.

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Steps for Blizzard How To Uninstall Game

  • Here all you need to do is just go to Open your Blizzard app.
  • Now from your games just Choose a game you want to delete or uninstall.
  • Click on the Options button. then many options will appear, You can Unfold the “Options” section.
  • Now Select the “Uninstall Game” option.
  • Now a pop up will appear saying confirm Uninstalling. Just Click Yes uninstall.
  • Now, All you have to Wait until the app uninstalls the Blizzard game.
  • Now you can check you have successfully uninstalled a Blizzard game from your application.

How you can manually Uninstall Blizzard games.

Sometimes you might face difficulties to uninstall Blizzard games directly from app. So We have come up with additional instructions on how you can uninstall Blizzard games without even using it.

Steps To uninstall Manually

  • Click on the start menu
  • Now Go to Settings.
  • After you have to Choose Apps Option.
Blizzard How To Uninstall Game
  • So Now you can select or Find a Blizzard Game That you want to delete or uninstall and press “Uninstall”.
  • then just Confirm the installation.
  • Now Just wait for the uninstall finish process.
  • Now you can see the game is not available in your PC anymore.

How To Fully uninstall Blizzard Games

After the uninstall of a Blizzard games , If you want to remove other files that might be left on your computer Or laptop. you can follow the steps to remove the files completely.

  • First, you have to Go to C: Users, User-Name” and then AppData, Local, Blizzard”.
  • Just Delete the Blizzard Files.
  • Go to “C: Users” User-Name” and AppData, Local, Temp, Blizzard Entertainment”.
  • Then again Remove Blizzard Game Files.
  • Now Move to C:Users, User-Name, AppData, Local, LowBlizzard Entertainment”.
  • Now Remove the remaining Blizzard Game files.
  • Now you are done, you have completely unintalled the blizzard games and apps from your pc.

you can Check all the three methods given above, if you are facing difficulties, you can read them carefully, it works fine for us. By following the steps you can delete or uninstall Blizzard games without any worry.


I hope my instruction and methods was useful and now you know how to uninstall Blizzard games properly on Windows or Mac even if you don’t want to uninstall

please provide your review, If you have any query regarding Blizzard How To Uninstall Game, you can let us know by commenting down. Thanks for your time.

How to Uninstall Blizzard games?

First Open the Blizzard desktop app on your PC, select the game that you want to uninstall or remove, then select Uninstall Game.
To reinstall, select Install from the appropriate game tab.

How do I uninstall blizzard app?

1. Open your Control Panel
2. Click on Uninstall a program.
3. now Right click on and select Uninstall option

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