Dame Dash Net Worth

Dame Dash Net Worth 2021

Dame Dash Net Worth 2021 – He is an American entrepreneur, film producer, record executive, actor, and director. His actual name is Damon Anthony Dash, but he is very well famous by his professional name Dame Dash. He is one of the most famous celebrities of the United States.

Dame Dash’s net worth is included in the most searched topics of the United States. He is the co-founder of Roc-A-Fella, which was an American record label group.

In this foundation, Jay-Z, who is an American rapper, singer, and songwriter. And Kareem Burke, who is an American entrepreneur and film producer.

He appeared in many events in the film industry. He is mostly remaining in the news headlines for his professional activities.

He is not born into a rich family, but he makes his career successful through his talent. He belongs to a poor family and when he was a child he does many little jobs to earn money.

Dame Dash Net Worth 2021

Net Worth:$4 Million
Age:68 Years
Born:3 May 1971
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Professional Actor, Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Director, Record Executive
Last Updated:June 2020
ChildrenDamon Dash II, Ava Dash, Tallulah Dash, Lucky Dash
SpouseRachel Roy

Dame Dash Early Life

Dame Dash is born on 3 May 1971 in New York City. His parents’ name is not known to anyone. There is no information available about them. He was born into a poor family, and he worked in a local barbershop as a sweeper and swept the floors of the shop. He then started selling newspapers to earn money.

He wanted to purchase the latest sneakers and shirts from this money, so he does many little jobs. He said that he learned to hustle from his mother. When he was only 15 years old, his mother is died due to an asthma attack. Then he went to a boarding school for completing his school studies.

He wanted to learn everything best so that he becomes a successful person. He graduated in Bachelors of Commerce. His nickname is Dame and he is often called by his nickname Dame Dash. Dame Dash’s net worth is increased $2 million every and it is estimated that he earned $ million every year after paying all the taxes.

He struggled hard from his childhood to make his life good. And this is his hard work, that he gets famous by his name. And achieves the position that he is included in the famous persons of the United States.

Dame Dash Career

He started his professional career in 1991. One of his friends met him with Jay-Z, who is an American rapper and singer. Then they met with Kreem Burke and they formed the American hip-hop record label named Roc-A-Fella. This was launched in 1996 and it proves very useful for their careers.

In 1999, he organized a tour for Jay-Z which made $19 million. Later in 2004, Roc-A-Fella was purchased by Def James Recordings, which is also an American record label.

after this, Jay-Z was agreed to do the job as the president of Def Jame. One year later, Jay-Z acquired his stake in Rocawear, which is an American clothing based retailer in New York.

Dame Dash founded DD172, a media collective that encourages the qualities of an entrepreneur of him. He has many talents that create his own identity. He has recently launched a campaign to advertise his brands. He is included in many professions like in acting, directing, film making, and he is also a rising entrepreneur.

His cousin Stacey Dash is also an American actress, and Chandler Dash who is a socialite in New York City. Dame Dash net worth is one of the famous entrepreneurs of the United States. Damon received $10 million after selling the Roc-A-Fella as one of the partners of the record label.

With this, he is also including several legal issues. In 2014 he was ordered by paying $50,000 to Linda Williams, who is the mother of his son Boogie.

The women made harassment charges on him. And for this, he has to pay the money of $50,000. In 2018 he filed a suit against the director Lee Daniels.

It was said that Dame give him money to start his career but Lee was failed to repay the money because his business has become much successful. In 2019 he was arrested in the crime of failing to pay $40,000 in child support. And there are other legal charges imposed on him by his ex-wife Rachel Roy.

Dame Dash Personal Life

In 2000 he met Aaliyah, who was an American singer, actress, and model. But Aaliyah died on 25 August 2001 in a plane air crash. After her death, Dame tells in an interview that they wanted to marry soon but she died. In 2005 he was in a relationship with Rechel Roy, who is an American fashion designer.

In the same year, they get married. They met when she was working at Rocawear as an intern. From their marriage, she gave birth to their first daughter on 7 December 1999 named Ava Dash.

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And on 14 May 2008 their second daughter Tallulah Dash. In 2009, they get separated and divorced. There is a battle between them to take custody of their children.

On 28 November 1991, his son Boogie is born to his former girlfriend Linda Williams. In 2004, his son Luck is born to Cindy Morales. And at present, he is engaged to Raquel Horn, who is pregnant with his child.

Dame Dash Age, Weight, and Height

Dame Dash is 50 years old. His weight is 80 kg and his height is 5’10”.

Dame Dash Awards

He received several awards and nominations in his career. He wanted to lead a good life and he struggled hard for this. Through the hard work he makes is successful. He is seen in many film festivals such as he appeared in Tribeca Film Festival in 2007.

There are a lot of peoples who likes him and follow him on social media. He is currently working on his upcoming projects.

Do you like him? Have you seen him on television? Who is your favorite American entrepreneur? Comment us in the comment section.

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