Discord How To Change Game Name

Discord How To Change Game Name

Discord is the best platform to communicate while Gaming with your Squad or for business. If you want to know that in Discord How To Change Game Name, then This article is for you.

Every Gamer Used to Play Games with voice communication on Discord whether its Youtube Gamer or Twitch Gamer.

You can set any type of Custom Funny Names of Game that you want to show on your Discord Profile Name.

I Don’t play a lot of games but for entertainment, I play games sometimes like GTA 5, Pubg or Pubg Mobile.

Let me know below how much games do you play and What is your favorite Game name that you Play Most.

Discord How To Change Game Name

To Change the Game Name on Discord you just have to follow some simple steps and its very easy task.

Follow the below-given steps and if you are facing any kind of problem then you can comment down below.

  1. Open your Discord Application
  2. Click on Settings Icon
  3. In the App Settings Click on Game Activity
  4. Here you will see Game that you have played recently
  5. You can also add game if you are seeing No Game Detected
  6. Click on Game Name or Add it And enter the Game Name you want to Show on Discord

These are the easy steps that you can use for Discord. You can write Any funny random names you want.

Here are some suggestions you can write as a game name on Discord like Your Mum, Life, Death, No Game, And more.

You can also comment down your any funny name that you want to put on Discord. we will add it to our post.

FAQs To Change Game Name

We have picked some Similar and multiple asked questions that we are going to answer below.

You can also read them and if you find any problem or error in these answers that you can suggest to us in the comment section.

How do you change the name of the game you’re playing on discord 2019?

  1. Go to discord and click on Settings
  2. In-app settings click on the Game activity
  3. now you will see a game you have plated recently
  4. Click on that and type any random or funny you want as Game
  5. This is how you change the name of the game you’re playing on discord 2019

Can you change the name of verified games on discord?

Discord only Shows the games verified in Discord but you can easily edit unverified games by the steps we have given this article. Discord will only show the game name when you play it.

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How do you change what you play on discord 2020?

It’s a very easy and fast way to do that. just open discord in Computer and go to gettings then Game activity and Click on the game name on top. Type any name to you change what you play on discord 2020.

How do I change my custom status on discord?

To change my custom status on discord it’s the same as other platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook. Just click on your Profile on discord and click on Custom status. you can add emoji to your status as well.

How do I get a custom status on discord mobile?

Open Discord in mobile and click on Profile, now you will see custom status option click on that to add any custom status. you can also add Emoji and symbols with your status to look cooler.

So, I hope these all answers and this post help you to solve your queries related to discord and for more help you can comment down below.

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