How To Capture Game Audio In OBS

How To Capture Game Audio In OBS

So, If you are using Obs for Video recording or for game recording and don’t know How To Capture Game Audio In OBS, OBS is made for streaming games online, You Can use online Broadcast Software anytime in your pc for live streaming. We can stream up to 1080p Quality and And use more features we can also use Streamlabs Obs.

they are the same software but Streamlabs has many features compare to Obs, We can add end screen, starting screen, and many things like social media handles and lots of stuff while streaming. Most of the streamers use this for streaming Games on twitch or youtube, you can also use this Software to record audios and videos and Desktop Screen.

So, today we searched a lot and found that Users are facing problems in Recording audio in Obs, So How they can record the audio easily without any problem, Here we came up with the solution to the problem.

Like everyone know Obs is online Broadcast Software and mostly used for live streaming but users do facing audio problems in obs, So today we are gonna Fix them , just read the article till end, SO you can fix this by yourself easily.

How To Capture Game Audio In Obs in 2020

how to capture game audio in Obs in 2020, this is simple task that everyone needs to know, before capturing audio, you must need a mic attached to your system and then set that mic to default.

So, after connecting the mic with your PC, First Check in your Settings or Voice recorder is it working or not, iF it is not working fix it. after your PC recognize the mic, you can start the obs to capture the audio simply. Follow the steps for How to Capture audio In OBS.

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Steps For How To Capture Game Audio In Obs

Recording audio in Obs is not a difficult task, here the gudiance to do the recording. lets get started.

  • Firstly you need to open the Software called Online Broadcast software ( OBS )
  • After Launching it you will see option downside in right like Start streaming, Record Screen, Studio mode, Settings and Exit.
  • You don’t have to select any record or studio mode, We just have to fix capturing audio in OBS
  • So Just go the Settings then you will see many options, Don’t get confused.
  • You will See options like
    • General
    • Stream
    • Output
    • Audio
    • Video
    • Hotkeys
    • Advanced
  • So what we need to do is fix audio, So just Go to audio section that you are seeing in the left top 4 Then you will see Options like
    • General
    • Desktop Audio
    • Desktop Audio and many others
  • Just click on Desktop Audio and set select the audio device that you are using, the desktop audio is came disabled automatically whenever we install the OBS, So if you want to Capture Audio just click On Desktop Audio and select default or Your recommeded Mic.
  • Then you are done , you can record the Audio in games or while recording any video. Audio is important part, So by these steps you can capture the Audio or you can also record only audio also. its your choice
  • But i am sure by using these steps you can easily capture the audio In your System with the help of OBS.


So, Obs is an Online Broadcast Software used for live streaming, recording audio, and video, and Some users were facing difficulties in recording audio in OBS, So they can follow these Steps and Can fix capturing audio and If this helps you in How To Capture Game Audio In OBS then react to it or if You have any related to this Please comment down, we will help as soon as possible.

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