How To Disable Game Tools

How To Disable Game Tools

So, Tired of Game tools or its popping every time you open apps. Whenever you are opening the Apps like weather apps or any other work apps the Game launcher Pops up, many users told that After The Pie Update they are facing this issue. How To Disable Game Tools is a common problem or you can say its a good feature for some users also

But Don’t worry that’s not the Big deal Here You gonna know How you can Disable or Re-Enable Game Tools. If you are aware of game tools then good If you don’t know how it works then here you will get to know in detail.

As per The problem,user-facing is common and you can easily deal with it with some guidance and If you have Samsung Galaxy Note 10, you are probably looking forward to playing on that amazing AMOLED panel, without interruptions. Game Launcher simply enhances the experience by muting your notifications, ensuring seamless, uninterrupted gameplay.

How To Disable Game Tools 2020

Disabling the game tools or Game launcher in Android devices is not a difficult task, Its just an option you can turn it off or anytime by going to settings. It automatically adds newly downloaded games, and there are a variety of customization options to pick from Game Tools.

Most of the time you do not need these features, so you might want to disable the game launcher on the Samsung Galaxy and for Doing this you have to follow the steps that are given below.

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How To Game Disable Tools Or Game Launcher

Game Launcher is one of most used launcher or tool in Samsung devices to enhance Gaming, but for some people it is disturbing and people Want to disable, So here the steps for How to Disable Game Tools.

Steps for How To Game Disable Tools On Samsung Deices

  • Simply just Go to Settings.
  • Then Open Advanced Features.
  • Toggle on Game Launcher.
  • After Set it Turn off Then it will get turn off
  • then you are done and Now you can use any application without opening Game Launcher.

How to enable Game Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy device

So you can also re enable the game Launcher or game tools just by doing rhe same Thing All you need to do is just toogle the button to On then it will enable. now you can enjoy game launcher Again

Game Launcher Features

Like Apple’s Game Center, Samsung’s Game Launcher or Game Tool also allows you to Enhance your gameplay preferences. To set up Game tools, Just s open the app from the app drawer. Now play with the Settings

Your incoming notification alerts are muted and hidden from your screen. So, unless you’re getting a call, you won’t have to worry about disturbances. Game volume is also muted by default, but you can change this setting by pressing either volume keys.

Now you can also pick from different power profiles. While the High-performance mode ensures maximum performance, it might drain your device’s battery a lot faster. Power saving saves battery but affects performance negatively.


So This is the working solution for How to Disable Game Tools instantly, just follow the steps carefully then you will not face any problem in disabling it. Game Launcher is Good and Enchance gaming and helps us to ignore useless notification while playing Games.

This is the most used feautre in Samsung Galaxy devices and it helps in ignoring calls or No one can distrub you while playing games. It will mute your notification whenever you playing games But SOme people Don’t like It So they Want to Disable it, So Above there is full process for How to disable game Tools.

If you have any query regarding this You can comment down, We will help as soon as possible.

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