How To Disable Windows 10 Game Mode

How To Disable Windows 10 Game Mode

In recent Articles, we explained in detail How you can enable the Game mode in windows 10 with some simple Steps But in this article, You gonna know How To Disable Windows 10 game Mode. So what you need to Do is simple, you need the latest Windows 10 in your system.

A simple feature that most of the users already know But some don’t know about this game mode feature. So why this feature is used in Gaming and why users want to disable it. the game mode does not affect your pc if you are using or playing high graphic games it just focuses.

Disabling or deactivating Game Mode and Game DVR will improve the performance of your Pc. if you’re experiencing FPS drops or other issues in XSplit applications. Recent Windows updates may have re enabled Game Mode on again even if you have disabled it before.

How to turn Off Game Mode

Sometimes in some windows game mode cause Rendering Problem or Some face problems while recording or using Obs. Because game mode runs in the background. So its your Choice you want to disable or enable it.

This feature is hurting the performance of laptops running on both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards. Graphic cards of high performance are struggling with these settings. Sometimes the issues they are facing like game freeze or desktop freeze and many other problems.

You can avoid any stability issues by disabling Game Mode altogether. 

How To Disable Windows 10 Game Mode 2020

So Disabling game Mode in Windows 10 is simple and it helps in solving many problems in your PC or Laptop. If you are using older versions of Windows, We recommended you disable the game mode.

Game Mode is enabled default by Windows and disabling it is performed differently depending on your version of Windows 10. Basically Game Mode is added in Windows 10 To optimize background running software and improve and enhance the performance of computers.

It doesn’t take long to disable Game Mode and have your games running as smoothly and faster. So, if you want to Disable it, You can easily do it just by following some simple steps given below.

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Steps for How To Disable Windows 10 Game Mode

Steps are simple all you need is Windows 10 latest version in your pc then Just follow these

  • Simply just click on Window bar on your keyboard or go to start bar and click on Settings
  • After Opening the Setting option in Windows 10
  • A new window will open up with several different settings options for you to choose from then just click on the one labeled Gaming featuring the Xbox symbol.
  • Once you got there, it’s as easy as sliding the bar at the top to the Off-Setting then Game mode will be disabled! Of course, if you want to turn it back on, simply put the slider back into the On position.
  • then you are done you can disable or enable the game mode anytime by going to settings.


This was a little process that helps in increasing pc performance, Disabling game mode helps in easy rendering and also fixes some other issues too. So If you are facing issues like while using OBS you can disable it or whenever you want you can enable it. Disabling this feature helps you to play the games smoothly and enhancing the pc or laptop speed.

So If this Method or solution for How To Disable Windows 10 Game Mode in Windows 10 helps please react to it and if you have any query you can comment down, we will solve as soon as possible. Thanks for reading.

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