How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10

How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10

Gaming Is popular everywhere and People love playing games on their computers in their free time. We also love playing games as it is now part of our lives where we can entertain ourselves by playing Multiplayer games or solo. like we can also talk to our friends and with teammates in Multiplayer games. How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10 is a very easy task that most users don’t know its solutions.

So the question came into everyone mind how to enable Game Mode in Windows 10, Users are facing this problem while they want to play games, But Don’t worry Here we always came up with a working solution and you can easily solve this issue also by reading this article till the end. This allows users to play the game smoothly and optimize the system. Apart from games, this mode is useful in multi-tasks for the users.

Game Mode is a feature in Windows 10 that focus system resources on games when enabled. Here you gonna know how you can enable the game mode easily With Some few steps.

How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10 in 2020

So Enabling game Mode in the window is not a difficult job, you just need guidance to do it. then you can play the games by focusing the system on a Game. So you use the method to enable the feature of Game mode.

We found that Game Mode does not have a huge impact on higher-end systems or high Configure computers, but if you’re prone to multitasking or have lots of Softwares running in the background, Game Mode could be useful to you, then you can enable The game Mode.

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Enable Or Disable Game Mode in Window 10

So, How you can enable or disable Game mode in window 10, Here we gonna start with some simple steps by which you can enable the game mode in window 10. At the same time, Game Mode also prevents other programs from hogging CPU and GPU cycles. you can use this mode if you don’t want to bother by Window update. This is how you can use Game Mode in Windows 10.

Steps For How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10

Read the steps and follow the Steps carefully, So you will not face any issue in enabling this feautre. its very simple and Working. To do this you must have latest version of Window 10.

  • First of All, you need to click on Windows Key
  • Then Just Go the settings.
  • Then Click on Gaming option
  • Navigate to the Game Mode section in the sidebar.
  • Then just click Toggle to On or Off Game Mode in Settings

After Doing this you can restart the pc or game to check if its working or not, it works for most of the Pc, We tried by ourselves and it works fine. Just follow the steps carefully.

Keep In mind This mode won’t work if you are playing high Graphic games with good configuration Pc. It just focus the Cpu to the particular while other programs are running in the background.


As i told you already Game Mode does not work if you have high configuration Pc and you play high graphic games, it works for normal as it focus to particular games and optimize other software then you can play the game without lagging.

The steps that we told above for How To Enable Game Mode Windows 10 is working, you can follow them carefully then you can easily enable game mode in settings. i hope this might help you if you have any query regarding this topic you can comment down, we will help as soon as possible, thanks for your time.

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