How To Make a Collection on Steam

How To Make a Collection on Steam

If you have a Steam account then you can easily Make a Collection on Steam. In the collection, you can add Model, Entity, ServerContent, mods and more

In Steam Workshop you can add lots of addons to your Garry’s mod server. Below are the full steps guides to do that.

How To Make a Collection on Steam

  • First, Login into Steam with your Personal account
  • Now in the community Select Workshop button
  • Search for a Workshop like Garry’s Mod and Hit Enter
  • Click on Browse and go to Collections
  • Here you have to create a new Collection
  • Type Title, image and description, and collection type
  • Select ServerContent in the categories
  • Now Click on Save and Continue
  • You can now add items to your created collection and select the visibility to the Public.

Note – With these easy steps you can make your collection on steam and if you still face any kind of problem then make sure to comment below.

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After creating the Collection you can add the same mods which your friend is using, for example, follow the below steps –

Adding Same mods that your Friend have on Steam Collection

  • Go to Community and Workshop Home
  • Search for Garry’s Mod and Hit enter
  • Click on browse and go to collections
  • Here click on Friends Items
  • Now you will see the mods Your friend using in Games
  • So you can add these mods in your collection

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