How to make wrapped candy in candy crush

How to make wrapped candy in candy crush

How to make wrapped candy in candy crush is very normal and easy task to do. So, If You like Playing mobile games like low graphic games that most people play in their free time. The games that we can play offline are also good, We can pause the game anytime. these games are available on play store, We can play these types of games anytime. The offline game that today we are talking about is Candy crush.

Candy Crush Saga is a normal offline game that is about matching up candies that are three-of-a-kind or more than three. But the actual goal for each stage you play. You will be asked to move certain game pieces to the bottom of the screen, you have to achieve a certain score, or clear away roadblocks like cream or jelly by making matches beside the blockades.

Firstly let me clear Candy crush is a game played by millions of people, it does not require high-end devices to play. we can play on any normal android device. Some people play games but don’t know the rules for every game. But today we are gonna talk about how to make wrapped candy in candy crush easily. if you know about this then very good, and if you want to know then this article can help you to know how to make wrapped candy in candy crush in detail.

How to make wrapped candy in candy crush in 2020

Wrapping candy in candy crush is very task if you don’t know let me tell you this game is played all over the world by kids, adults, and even old age people. This game is loved by many because it does not require any internet connection, you need to just achieve score target or mission will be given in Candy crush Saga that you need to complete to level up in-game.

there are hundreds of levels in Candy crush saga that you can play in your free time. todays our topic is not about how to level, We are gonna tell you how to make wrapped candy in candy crush in 2020 with some simple steps.

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Steps For How to make wrapped candy in candy crush

These steps can help you know more about the Candy crush saga game rules and How to make wrapped candy in candy crush easily. Let’s begin with basic steps that are gonna help you.

  • First, you have to do is open your game Candy Crush
  • Now just start playing the game, now if you want to make a wrapped candy, all you have to do is Look for five pieces of candy that look the same. You can only make a wrapped candy by positioning the pieces in a specific shape. Read carefully all candies must of the same shape and color.
  • Swipe away adjacent candies to get your matching pieces of candy into one of these shapes: a plus sign, an L, or a T, you can make any of them make wrapped candies. You may need to play a level for a while or shuffle your candies before you are able to get your pieces lined up in the right order for making these l or t shape to make wrapped candy.
How to make wrapped candy in candy crush
  • You will earn 200 points every wrapped candy you make in the shape of T or L or plus Sign.
  • if you want to Experience the special powers of wrapped candy! Activate your new wrapped candy in a 3-piece combo in order to create an explosion that will destroy all of the eight candies around it. You will earn more than 500 points for this.
  • If you encounter frosted meringues or chocolates, you can use the wrapped candy explosion to break all the obstacles.

Thats the main steps that you can follow to make Wrapped candies anytime and anywhere. i hope this might help you, If this help please react to the post and for queries leave a comment, we will help as soon as possible.

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