How To Move a Fullscreen Game To Second Monitor

How To Move a Fullscreen Game To Second Monitor

SO, the most asked question by user is how to move a fullscreen game to second monitor, the question is simple and if you want to know in detail about this then you can read this article, you can easily move fullscreen game to second monitor.

There are several reasons that you need to know before moving game to another monitor, the game type, game graphics and monitor resolution, these information is must required before any kind of transfer of game or proper graphics driver must be installed on your computer.

The methods include the use of simple settings or software tools to move the full-screen game to the secondary monitor. It’s simple and secure, you just need guidance to do this.

How To Move a FullScreen Game To Second Monitor in 2020

you can easily move your screen or game that you are playing on 1st monitor, you can move that full screen game to your second monitor with some settings, this method works for Window 10, window 10 is now normal, everyone has installed window 10 in their computers.

this is the most used windows nowadays with amazing features. there are lots of features in Windows 10 that you can use to do amazing things but today we are gonna talk about how To Move a FullScreen Game To Second Monitor in 2020. you don’t need to worry, we came up with the solution and working method that can help you to solve the issue.

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Steps For Moving Full Screen Game to Second Monitor

The Steps are simple and easy, if you follow them carefully, you can easily move the game to a secondary monitor. Since by default, the settings for the first monitor are the primary monitor, you need to change the settings and make the second monitor your primary monitor for transferring the game.

How To Move a Fullscreen Game To Second Monitor

On Window 10 you can follow these steps to set the secondary screen as primary screen

  • Connect your secondary monitor to your computer.
  • then Within your desktop, just lay the mouse on an empty area and right click and then select the screen resolution on the pop up menu.
  • you can also find screen resolution by searching it at the control panel.
  • Once you are at the screen resolutions, choose the desired display and select the checkbox with a label “make this my main display’. The checkbox will only appear when you have selected the display.
  • Confirm that you differentiate your first monitor from the second monitor.
  • Then just select Secondary monitor as primary monitor then You are ready to go

If you are Using latest Window 10 version then you can apply these steps

  • First Go to the start menu and click on the control panel.
  • Then Choose category view and select display or appearance and themes according to an item provided.
  • Select the settings tab. in Control Panel
  • Choose the monitor that contains a large 2 and then click the checkbox with a label ‘make this my primary monitor.
  • By clicking the square monitor with a large 2, you are choosing the second monitor.
  • Apply the settings by clicking the ‘apply’ button. This will then display all the items that are on the first window on the second monitor.
  • then you can play the game on full screen on secondary Screen with this method if you have updated versions of windows.

I hope this helped you in solving the issue for How To Move a Fullscreen Game To Second Monitor, If this helped please react to the post and for any query please leave a comment, we will help as soon as possible. thanks for reading

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