How to play a PS4 game on Android

How to play a PS4 game on Android

If you are gamer, and you don’t have PlayStation 4 but you still want to play ps4 game, there here we came up with the solution, how to play a ps4 game on android. playing games on android is easy. you don’t need to do anything, if you know nothing about how you can play these high graphic games, then be calm, this article can help you to play a ps4 game on android.

Playstation is a trend and PS4 games are played everywhere all over the world. Even kids, adults and old age people love playing games on Playstation,. but some of them want to experience those games on android too, but they don’t know how to do it, thats why we came up with the trick.

So, if you want you can play any game on your android phone without any problem. you just need to install some application and then you are ready to go. guidance is necessary to do any task. most of you guys don’t know how you can play and install Playstation games easily.

How to play a PS4 game on Android in 2020

Playing PS4 games on android is very easy. every game that you want to play on ps4, you can play on android phone also. there are some application that provide access to you, so you can play high graphic games on android, if you have a high quality smartphone, you can play all the games smoothly.

everything works Smooth on high quality android games, Some people can’t take playstation outside or while going somewhere for a trip but they are playstation lover.So they can play that games on their android phone by following our instructions, they can install the application that you can see below that are required for playing pS4 games on android.

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Steps for How to play a PS4 game on Android

these steps are not hard and you can easily install the application and run ps4 games on your android smartphone, if you follow these steps carfully, you will not face any difficult in running ps4 games on mobile.

  • First, Go into the Settings menu on your PlayStation 4
  • Then Select Remote Play Connection Settings.
  • Check that Enable Remote Play option is enabled
  • While you’re in the settings menu, you also want to check out the power save settings to make sure your PS4 can be woken up over the network for Remote Play sessions.
  • Press back to Settings Menu on your PS4.
  • Now Just Select power Save Settings.
How to play a PS4 game on Android
  • Just Open it and Set Features Available in Rest Mode.
  • Make sure Stay Connected to the Internet and Enable Turning On PS4 from Network. and also check they both connected to the same network.
  • Now the main step comes, You need to just install the Remote Play app on your android device. it runs on Android 5.0 or above from the Play Store.
  • then just Sign in to your PlayStation account on your android device. then you are all done.
  • Note – you can not use DualShock 4 controller for Remote Play unless you have Android 10 or above. You can use on-screen buttons or any external Bluetooth controller.

That’s all about how to play a PS4 game on Android.! You’ll now be able to connect to your PS4 and play games on your Android mobile device. Now you are ready, you can connect the PS4 and play the games on smartphones anytime.

I hope this tutorial helped you in playing ps4 games on Mobile device, if you still face any problem pls comment down, we will help as soon as possible. thanks for your time.

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