How to play dragon ball super card game

How to play dragon ball super card game

So, guys, we have been searching for users interests and finally found out that people love games like a multiplayer game, people are searching about the card game, like Users Don’t know How to play dragon ball Super card game.

After searching for the solutions, Here We came up with the best method that you all can use to play dragon ball super card game. if you are a newbie to this game and also a fan of this game, then this article can help you to understand the rules of the Dragon Ball Super card game. So you can pay easily.

The gameplay in Dragon Ball Super Card Game is comparatively amazing and straight forward . Basically you’ve got to reduce your opponent’s life points down to nothing using your cards. As it is a standard for this kind of game, each card has an associated attack value that compares with that of the card you’re attacking. the game is very easy to play, through these information, you will know how you can win the game.

How to play dragon ball super card game 2020

Nothing is difficult if you play with concentration If you are a fan of dragon ard game then if you don’t know read this carefully. the game was launched in 2017. the game Looks simple but deep down there are rules that let you experience the battles of the series firsthand! Let’s get started. you have to choose decks before playing the game.

You can firstly learn the game by the tutorial app by playing with the computer, after playing with computer, you will get to know about some rules and experience.

Once you’ve learned the rules from the tutorial app, Now it’s time to pick up a starter deck. Then you can play after knowing the full rules of the game. Starter decks are designed to include all the cards you need to start playing. So all you need to do now is play cards.

Once you got a starter deck, Now it’s time to get some booster packs to power it up in the dragon card game. Each booster pack contains 12 cards, which you can use however you like to either customize your starter deck or create your own.

there are no limits of decks, you can make unlimited decks to play the game. this is not that much important, you need to know the rules carefully before playing. So how you can start playing dragon ball super card games.

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How you can start Playing dragon ball super card game

Once you’ve learned how to play from the tutorial app and starter deck manual, it’s time to visit a store or get together with your friends or family to play some deck games. Stores feature tournaments each month, so look for a nearby store and join in, if you want the full experience of the game, you need to start playing without any worries.

Let me tell you there are lots of tournaments held every month for these card games, you can join these tournaments and win cash prizes and many rewards if you got good skills and team up. The more you join the tournament the more you will get the experience of How to play dragon ball super card game.


That’s it for today, I hope this article might help you in playing dragon ball super card game. If this helped pls react and for any other queries you can comment down, we will help as soon as possible. Thanks for your time.

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