How To Play Fallout Board Game

How To Play Fallout Board Game

So, do you like playing Board games. If yes this article can help you to learn How to Play Fallout Board Game. So how this game is played and what are the rules for playing this game, you will get to know Everything.

Board games are played by kids, adults in their free time and board games are interesting and Everyone loves playing when they know the rules For the games.

But you will get to know in detail How To Play Fallout Board Game in simple steps. Just read the article carefully. So you will not face any issue.

Fallout Game Contents and Requirement

So there are some content included in the Fallout Board Game.

  • Characters: There are five unique figures with corresponding character cards and S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens.
  • Tokens: There are 145 different tokens, divided into two Power Tokens, 27 Enemy Tokens, 35 S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens, 54 Caps Tokens, 12 Trait Tokens, 10 Faction Tokens, and eight Quest Markers.
  • Tiles: 31 unique Map Tiles divided into red and green (mild) threat levels.
  • Cards: There are 282 different cards, divided into 75 Encounter Cards 34 Wasteland Encounters, 21 Settlement Encounters, and 20 Vault Encounters, 100 Quest Cards, 14 Perk Cards, 34 Loot Cards, 25 Asset Cards, 11 Unique Asset Cards, and 23 Agenda Cards.
  • Scenarios: Fallout game includes Four unique Scenario Sheets.
  • Dice: The game includes Three unique V.A.T.S. dice.
  • Player Boards: There are Four Survivor Boards and 12 pegs in Fallout Board Game.

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Important Concepts for How To Play Fallout Board Game


The Players will be required to complete tests in Fallout Board Game. These tests will be represented by one or more S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens. If a player has any S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens which match which are required for the test, that player can roll the dice to any number before resolving the test. Players can roll the dice for each matching S.P.E.C.I.A.L. token.

Levelling Up

As the board game starts players will often receive XP. When a player first receives XP they place the grey peg in the hole beneath their farthest-left S.P.E.C.I.A.L. token. If the XP gained forces a player to move the peg beyond their farthest-right token, they have leveled up!


When a player takes damage during a fight for any other reason, that player moves the red peg on their player board by that amount. If a player takes radiation damage, by traversing irradiated spaces, they move the green peg. If the red peg is ever in the same hole or lower than the green peg, that player has been killed. Players can Re spawn at any space.


Weapons have one or more S.P.E.C.I.A.L. tokens shown on their card, as well as with different abilities. for each weapon tokens which match one of match one of that players tokens. they can roll the dice by resolving the fight. any weapons with range icon allows players to fight.


Apparel can provide players with armor, shown by a number and a shield icon. When resolving a fight.

Inventory and Equipment 

Players may have up to three assets in their inventory at any given time. If they would acquire any assets beyond the limit, they must choose and discard cards back to three. the players can also equip apparel, one weapon, and one companion card at any time.


Companions cards provide unique benefits such as healing. To do so, they must be exhausted to 90%.


Enemy tokens convey several pieces of key information: the enemy’s name, type, Levels. V.A.T.S and abilities.

How To Play Fallout Board Game

Player Turns

During The players turn they can perform two actions. they can also perform the same action multiple times.

Player actions include:


If a player is on a space adjoining an unexplored map tile, they can spend one action to reveal that tile. Players can travel to the tiles on subsequent actions.


In board Game For each move action, a player may move up to two spaces on regular terrain. If player wishes to traverse difficult terrain, indicated by red line.


If a player is on a space marked with a Wasteland Encounter Settlement Encounter, or Vault Encounter icon, they can perform an encounter action.


If a player performs the camp action they recover three HP and unexhausted any exhausted cards.


In Fallout game If a player performs a fight action, they can engage one enemy on their space. Players roll all three V.A.T.S. dice and aim to get a number of hits equal to or higher than that enemy’s level. If players succeed in killing an enemy, they gain XP equal to its level and loot if indicated on the token.

End of Player Turns

Once the players completed their actions, there will be a brief end of the turn before continuing the next round. The player who acted first reveals the top card of the agenda deck.

If a monster icon is revealed, or any face-up monsters move one space towards the nearest survivor. If they are within range to attack, they can perform a fight action. 

If a player draws the last agenda card in the deck, shuffle all discarded agenda cards to create a new agenda deck. Then, the first players passes the deck to the player to their right. 


These are some important rules and Concept about How To Play Fallout Board Game. So by reading the above concept you can easily win the game or play the game anytime.

So if you have any query regarding How To Play Fallout Board Game then comment down, we will help as soon as possible.

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