How To Play Sorry Game

How To Play Sorry Game

So wanna know How To Play Sorry Game Then this article can help you to know full detail about the sorry board game. Kids love playing Sorry games and they are many rules of Sorry games. Especially Sorry game is a board game that anyone can play at home, Kids make these board games and play in spare time. games are the way of entertainment and especially when it comes to free time when there is no work, adults also love to play these types of games.

Sorry Game is amazing. if you want to play the sorry board game, then here you will know all the rules about the sorry game and guidelines to win the game easily just follow the instruction carefully.

How to Set up Sorry Game

First Layout the board. Each player has to pick a different color and places their four pawns in the corresponding start space. Shuffle the deck of cards and place facedown for a draw deck.

When it’s your turn, you can draw a card and, apply its effects then discard it. Each card tells what it does and I will go there each of them later. If the card cannot be fulfilled discard it and then it will end your turn. Play proceeds with the next player to your left.

How To Play Sorry Game

Moves For How To Play Sorry Game

You are only allowed to move your pawn out of the start space with a 1, 2, or sorry card. Pawns in your start space cannot move from any other card until they leave the start space. you need 1,2 or sorry card necessarily to start a game.

On a one or two move your pawn directly move your pawn entirely in the circle. If another player’s pawn is on your entry Circle then just bump it back to start.

You cannot move your pawn to that space where your pawn is already there. you have to jump over pawns on the board that are in your way counting it as one space. if there’s place next to your pawn you can move, if not do not move.if you can’t move your pawn, you will lost your turn and opponent turn will come.

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How To Play Sorry Game in Safe Zone

When you go around the board and return to your starting area in the game, instead of proceeding straight, your pawn goes into your safety zone. Only you are allowed to enter your color safety zone. pawn inside the safe zone cannot be targeted by sorry cards, it’s totally safe there

Playing Cards In Sorry Game

These are the cards so you can know how they can help you to play the game better and you can win the game easily. its not that much difficult.

  • One – You can start your pawn from your starting space from the number one card. or you can move one step ahead with your pawn
  • Two – you can move upon from start space or you can move ahead two spaces with this card.
  • Three – move your Pawns three-step forward.
  • Four – Move Your Pawns four Steps forward.
  • Five – Move your one pawn forward five spaces.
  • Seven – You can move your pawn seven steps forward also or you can split the forward move between any two moves. remember you cannot use 7 to start a pawn.
  • Eight – Move your Pawn Eight steps forward.
  • Ten – move your one pawn forward ten spaces or move one pawn back one space.
  • Eleven – Move your one pawn forward 11 spaces or switch any one of your pawns with any one of your opponents so long as neither pawn is in the start, safe, or home spaces. if you do not make you will forfeit your turn and can’t move 11 spaces forward.
  • Twelve – Move your pawns 12 Spaces Forward.
  • Sorry – You have to Take one pawn from your start, place it on any square that is occupied by an opponent and bump that opponent’s pawn back to their start space. If there is no pawn on your start or no opponent’s pawn on any space you forfeit your turn. The first player to get all their pawns to their home space wins

These are the cards that you need to know the guidelines about them then you can play the game easily and maybe you can win, I hope this helped to understand the game rules, and if you have any queries related to How To Play Sorry Game then comment below.

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