How To Play Yugioh Card Game

How To Play Yugioh Card Game

So let me first clear that Yugioh Is a Card game, Kids, adults play these types of games in their free time. but We heard many people don’t know about the rules of the Yugioh Card Game, But don’t worry here you will get to know How To Play Yugioh Card game.

Yu-Gi-Oh! is a complex trading card game about summoning monsters and using them to defeat your opponents. You may have seen the anime and thought, “I want to play that game”. It’s full of complicated mechanics and rules, This card game is amazing as you can see this is a card trading game and people love playing these games.but before playing Everyone must need to know the rules.

So there are cards that you need to know for How To Play Yugioh Card Game

Monster card – Monster cards are summoned to attack your opponent’s Life Points and defend your own. They are usually orange in colors and Monsters have levels, ranging from 1-12 which are indicated by the stars along the top, and a symbol in the top right corner indicating Attribute. Above the card text, the Type, the kind of monster, and monster abilities such as Tuner or Flip are written in bold so you can know this information on the card.

Some of the monster Cards

  • Normal Monsters
  • Effect Monsters
  • Synchro Monsters
  • Tuner Monsters
  • Fusion Monsters
  • Ritual Monsters

Spell and Trap cards – The main difference between Spell Cards and Trap Cards is that Spells are mainly used to boost offense while Traps are mainly used to disrupt opponent attacks. Also, Traps must be set in the field and can’t be activated within the same turn, whereas most Spells can be activated on the same turn during which you play them

There are many types o spells

  • Spell Cards
    1. Normal Spells
    2. Ritual Spells
    3. Continuous Spells
    4. Equip Spells
    5. Field Spells
    6. Quick-Play Spells
  • Trap Cards
    1. Normal Traps
    2. Continuous Traps
    3. Counter Traps

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Summoning Monsters – if you want to use your monster cards you need to summon them on fields. Some summon actions are simple but some takes multiple actions. types of Summon

  • Normal Summon
  • Tribute Summon
  • Flip Summon
  • Special Summon
    1. Synchro Summon
    2. Fusion Summon
    3. Ritual Summon

Normal Summon – Normal Monsters and most Effect Monsters can be summoned simply by playing the card face-up into the battlefield

Tribute Summon – To summon monsters level 5 or higher, you must perform a Tribute Summon. A tribute is an action of sending one of the user’s monsters to the Graveyard.

Flip Summon – When you set a monster in the battlefield face-down in the defense position it is not considered summoning. to summon these monsters you must perform Flip Summon.

Special Summon – Any monster that can’t be Normally Summoned or set up for a Flip Summon it has to be played in the field using a Special Summon. This includes Synchro, Fusion and Ritual Summons.

How to Play Yugioh Card Game in 2020

Players take turns until the game winner is declared. Each turn contains six phases:

Draw Phase
Standby Phase
Main Phase 1
Battle Phase
Main Phase 2
End Phase

Draw Phase – in this Player draws a card and they are given the opportunity to activate Trap Cards or Quick-Play Spells.

Standby – It includes Any effects that activate or costs that must be paid are completed in this phase

Main Phase 1 – Player may summon or set a monster, change the monster battle positions, activate a card or effect, and/or set Spell & Trap Cards.

Battle Phase – In this You can choose not to battle, in which case you will proceed to the end phase,

Main Phase 2 – Same actions as Main Phase 1 unless you already summoned or set a monster within the current turn.

End Phase – Resolve card effects that activate in this phase and discard if you have more than six cards in your hand.

How To Play Yugioh Card Game And Card Rules

Monster Battle Rules

There are 3 different positions cards can be in while on the battlefield:

  • Face-up Attack
  • Face-up Defense
  • Face-down Defense

Card Effect Rules

Every time a card with an effect is activated, the opponent of the player who activated the effect is given the chance to respond to that effect with an effect of their own card. If they don’t reply with an effect, the player that activated the first effect is given a chance to add another effect on top of the original and the cycle starts over again until both players choose to stop playing effects. When additional effects are added by either player, this creates a Chain.

If you want to respond to an effect and create a Chain, you must play an effect with a Spell Speed of 2 or higher and the respondent cannot be a lower Spell Speed than the effect played prior. Every card effect has a Spell Speed of 1 to 3. Here are the different types of Spell Speeds:

  • Spell Speed 1: Spells Normal, Equip, Continuous, Field, Ritual, Monster Effects Ignition, Trigger, and Flip
  • Spell Speed 2: Trap Normal, Continuous, Quick-Play Spells, Effect Monster’s Quick Effects
  • Spell Speed 3: Counter Trap

The turn player always has priority with card effect activation.

Pro TIP – keep your deck count close to the 40 card minimum so you can easily draw your best cards at a higher frequency.

These are some rules that can help you to know about some important information about the game and I hope this will help you to learn the game rules and types of cards that are used in this game. with these steps, you can easily know How To Play Yugioh Card Game. if you have any queries related to this topic you can comment down, we will help as soon as possible.

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