How To Remove a Game From Your Steam Library

How To Remove a Game From Your Steam Library

If you are a Gamer and you play a lot of games and Sometimes we bought games That we don’t want to play anymore or want to Remove a Game From Your Steam Library. If yes then you can Delete them Permanently as well as Hide them.

In this article, I’m Gonna explain fully with steps to remove any game from your steam library account.

How To Remove a Game From Your Steam Library

To Rmove the Game from Steam Library follow the Simple Below given steps –

  • Open the Steam library and Login with your account
  • Now Click on Help and then Steam Support
  • Now here Select your Game you want to Remove from Steam Library
  • On the next pop Up select, I want to permanently remove this game from my account
  • Now your Game will be Delete from Account

Your game information and Game Achievements won’t be deleted. they will be kept with your steam account.

Some FAQs For Steam Library

Below are some FAQs Which people also search for and you can read them too. if you are facing any problem to remove the game from Steam Library then you can comment down below.

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Is it possible to remove games from your Steam library?

After the new feature of Steam Library Yes you can remove games from your Steam Library and Steps to remove games are given in this article and you can read about it here.

How do I completely delete a game from Steam?

  • Just Go to Steam Help Support
  • Select the game or product you want to remove
  • Click on I want to delete game Permanently with complete setup
  • In few seconds your game will be removed completely

How do I delete a game from my origin library?

To Delete the Game from my Origin library just right click on the game and Select the Uninstall at the bottom. you can also Permanently delete or remove your game from the Steam account.

How do I completely delete a game from my computer?

There are several ways to completely delete a game from your computer and here are the one ways you can try.

  • Go to my PC and click on above top corner button Computer
  • Now here select Uninstall or change a program option
  • Here you can select the game manually or search for the game
  • Click on game you want to delete and click on Uninstall
  • Boom! After some time your game will completely delete a game from Your computer

How do I delete games?

There are different ways to delete games from PC, Computer, Laptop, Mobile. To delete games from Mobile Phones follow the below Steps –

  • Go To your PlayStore account if you have installed the game from it or Go to your settings then My Applications
  • Select the Game you want to delete or search for it if you are unable to find it
  • Now just click on Uninstall button
  • Remember all the Game data will be lost when you uninstall a Game

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