How To Rob A Bank Board Game

How To Rob A Bank Board Game

So, Games are often interesting in today’s generation, everyone playing Games in their free time. but in this article, We are gonna talk about Rob a Bank Board Game. Here you will get to know in detail How To Rob A Bank Board Game.

The game is Made by Jumbo games. it was founded in 1854 and the game was designed by Prospero Hall. the game is interesting and there are lots of rules for playing how to Rob a bank Board Game.

Rob a bank Game is simple one player plays as a robber and one plays as a banker. After three rounds, if the players have stolen the required number of bags of cash then they win, otherwise the bank wins. Both teams are required to place their moves face-up, once at a time in turn before being able to play them.

The bank is in control of all the security guards in the Bank and will play cards to make them move and such. The robbers, on the other hand, are in control of their robber only.

The Gameplay

Let’s start with the Bank, players play their first action face-up for everyone to see. The bank cards allow to move the guards ten time move and attack or move and lock.

When Attacking, a Robber or guard is knocked down players must play a card on their turn without taking the action to revive them. As per rules bank can revive one guard with one card.

The game is totally simple and Objective is clear.

  • The robbers Aim to get cash to an outside wall without any barrier and to throw down to a car they can control.
  • the bank tries to stop That from happening using the guards.

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How To Rob A Bank Board Game 2020

There are some actions for the Robbers to take to speed things up. This includes throwing cash out of the window, passing cash and sounding the alarm, as after the three rounds game ends and winner is decided.

we can play the game with 2,3 or 4 players by choosing sides one is bank and others are robbers. Both roles are fun though I enjoyed most being a bank robber than a bank guards.

There are cards which help you decide what you have to do and mastermind the moves which take place and then the game takes place over three rounds.

After Every round Robbers get free moves. this means they can bring the gateway car around and through the money out of window.

The game is simple We just played few rounds to understand the game and here we are, We don’t need to read the instructions again and we can play the Board game easily.

The game is totally great and amazing when you play with friends or family. But before playing everyone has to know the rules then they can play the game easily.

How to Rob a Bank is different every time through both player set the cards at different places So, openents don’t know about the mindsets of each other.It’s a quick, fun, well themed game.


As you read above the instruction and objective of the rob board game, the game is quite simple and interesting. you can play the game anytime with family, friends by knowing some instructions and rules. However the objective of the game is simple robbers come to bank for money and bank have to protect it by using guards.

if This article help you in How To Rob A Bank Board Game then react to the post if you have any query realated to this,please comment down, we will help as soon as possible.

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