How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby

How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby

So, you love playing Pokemon games, Gaming is a trend and everyone loves playing Pokemon games but there are issues people face while playing the Game Called Pokemon Omega Ruby. So How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby easily without any problem.

Pokemon games are love for some people and We also have played Pokemon Omega Ruby Game. the game is really interesting. The game is good and simple if you know how to play it.

So some of you guys don’t know How to start a New Game in Omega Ruby, but here you will get to know in detail, how you can easily start a new game in Pokemon Omega, All users face these types of problems, but don’t worry you can fix it and start a new game by reading this article till the end, this can help you in solving your problem.

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How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby – Pokemon Games

So are you Pokemon fan, or playing Pokemon games from long time. Users face problems in pokemon games but they don’t know how they can Fix them, So in this article you will know everything about the Pokemon Omega Ruby game and the solution for it.

Pokemon Omega Ruby a take players back to the Hoenn region from the GameBoy Advance games and adds a couple of new twists to the original titles.If you are wanting to start a new game in Omega Ruby, you may have noticed that there’s no option on the menu to simply start a new game.

Unfortunately, Pokemon games only allow a single save file on each game card. If you wish to start a new save file, you must clear your previously saved data first. So without deleting the Old data you can start a new game. So if you don’t how you can do this then you can follow the steps given below then you can easily delete the previous data in Omega ruby.

Steps for How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby

So, Starting a New game in Omega Ruby is easy task, if you don’t know about the procedure for deleting the previous game and starting a new one then you can follow steps provided below.

  • All you need to do is just open the game
  • Then when you are in title screen you have to press some button for deleting previous data of omega ruby
  • In order to do this, all you have to do is press and hold B and X and Upon your 3DS when your game is at the title screen.
  • Once you’ve done this, the game should ask if you’re sure you want to erase your saved game.
  • Simply confirm, and after a short wait, the game will erase your old progress and allow you to start from the beginning.
  • Then you can start a new game from the beginning after deleting the previous data.

So with these simple steps, you can easily erase the data and you can start a game from beginning. We tried this by ourselves and it works fine, you can give it a try.


This was all about How To Start A New Game In Omega Ruby. the task is simple, you can read the steps carefully if you don’t want any problem in starting a new game in Omega Ruby. Users face problems when they don’t read carefully.

So if you have any query related to this, you can comment down, we will help as soon as possible. thanks for your time.

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