How To Start a New Game In Pokemon Sword

How To Start a New Game In Pokemon Sword

Many of you are Pokemon Game fan and love playing all Pokemon games in their spare time, we heard Some People don’t know How To Start a New Game In Pokemon Sword. So here we found a quick solution to this problem.

It’s simple and easy to restart a game or new game in Pokemon Sword. Before knowing this let me tell you though, remember that any Pokémon in your boxes and party will be deleted along with your save file if you want to start a new game.

Pokemon Sword – How To delete and Start a New Game

Now that Pokemon Sword have been out for a while, you might have run through the game and played it. or you might want to to play the game again. If you want to start over from the beginning, you’ll have to delete your game data.

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Steps for How To Start a New Game In Pokemon Sword

Step 1 – First open up the Game and In the Switch menu, go into System Settings.

Step 2 – Then Click on “Data Management” and then “Save Data/Screenshots and Videos.

Step 3 – Just Find your Save Data for Pokemon Sword and Click “Delete” confirming each time that you really want to remove your save data from the system.

Step 4 – You’ll then be free to start from scratch, losing all your progress and data in the process.

Now, you are done you can play the game from the beginning, Now you don’t need to do anything, Now whenever you will run the game it will start from the beginning.

If you want to keep Progress

if you want to keep your save file, you Can just create a new User Profile in the main menu of the Nintendo Switch and open up the game with that profile.

You Can instantly start a new game on this profile without any need to delete the one you already have, but you’ll be unable to take part in online play.


You can check above the quick solution to the problem you were finding from long time. it works fine for us, i hope it might help you. you can follow the steps carefully and you can easily start a new game in Pokemon Sword.

If you have any other queries you can comment down, we will help as soon as possible.

How to Start a New Game in Pokémon Sword

In the Switch Home Screen, head to the System Settings, Click data management and save videos, then just find Pokemon sword data and click delete and you are done.

How To Restart A New Game In Pokemon Sword

You can Easily start a new game in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Sheild, You can follow above steps to do so.

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