How To Tell Steam Where A Game Is

How To Tell Steam Where A Game Is

So, We were searching about how people facing issues in the gaming community and we found that people don’t know How To Tell Steam where A Game Is installed and how they can find it and play the game easily. So What you can do so the steam can recognize the games that you have already installed.

The problem appears when you clean or install the new Windows and keep the backup of the Steam app folder that comprises games files and other data. What’s wrong with the game installation.

You can move it back to the Steam installation folder only to let Steam to re-download the game data back. Then Steam can recognize the games, if having the same issue, then here follow the tricks to force Steam to recognize the installed games

How do I Get Steam to Recognize My Installed Games

Reinstall the games Without Downloading

The solution I am going to tell is very easy and working. So you can read this for full information to know How To Tell Steam Where A Game Is.

if you are having game data in the Steam apps folder, then you can force Steam to detect the games by starting the game installation problem easily. Follow the steps to do this

  • First, you need to go to start Steam 
  • Then go to Games.
  • Now choose and click > install for the games that Steam failed to identify.
  • And after installing the steam world start determining the existing game file.

I hope this method will help you to solve the issue How To Tell Steam Where A Game Is. if It does not work you can follow the next solution.

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Check the Game’s integrity through Steam

This method work when the steam does not recognize where the game is and you can follow our steps to fix the problem easily.

  • First of all, From the library section click on load Steam then right-click on the game from the menu choose Properties
  • Now choose the Local files tab and click Verify integrity of game cache button
  • And then steam starts verifying the game’s files.
  • This may take several minutes, wait for the whole process to complete. then Steam will start detecting the games you have already installed.

And then restart your steam, hope this fixes the steam not detecting the issue of the installed game. and if this also does not work go for the next one.

Use Steam own Backup and Restore Function

you can use steam own backup and restore function to fix the issue for How To Tell Steam Where A Game Is installed. for this method, you need 65 GB space or more in your harddisk and 1 USB like external pen drive or hard disk where you can copy those files.

Follow the steps to do

  • In your library  just right click on the game 
  • then choose Backup Game Files.
  • And for restoring the games backup choose Backup and Restore Games from the Steam menu at the top left of the steam.
  • Now you can delete the game files you have copied to the home computer.


Hope these Solutions help you in fixing the problems to detect the game where it is installed and you don’t have to worry this is a common mistake that normally people face. and it is very easy to fix by following our methods and steps

Then you can restore and backup the files easily and identify the steam games where they are installed. So if this article helps please react to it and if you have any query related to this you can comment down.

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