How to update Game on ps4

How to update Game on ps4

Playstation games are love, As these are played by kids, adults and even old age also play Playstation games, because the graphics of games are amazing. But some people Don’t know about how to update Game on ps4. we can play lots of games on ps4, as there are many high graphic games like god of war, WWE and Spiderman and GTA 5, and many other amazing games.

Playing video games on the PS4 is great fun, but developers sometimes need to fix bugs and glitches in their games and want to give some new features to the users. Here’s you will know how you know update PlayStation games.

Updating ps4 games is not a difficult task, you can update them anytime easily, if you don’t know about what updates are, So let me clear, updates are like whenever the publishers update their game they add new features to the games and like fix bugs and increase the gaming experience.

Keeping your PS4 games up-to-date is necessary. Not only you get free content and expansions, but keeping your games updated also means that you’ll have the latest versions of those games with all the latest bug-busting fixes and new amazing features.

How to update Game on ps4 2020

You can update every game on ps4 easily in 2020, you just need the right direction to do it. many users were facing this issue thats why we came up with the solution and i hope this may help you.

Getting started with Some normal issues we face are easy to fix, People love new features and new gaming experience every time, publishers update their game monthly or some take more than a month, but came with big updates and new features. So gamers or users love to see those features but they don’t know how to update the game on ps4.

So Below given steps can help you get out of this situation, without any worry you can update ps4 games by following these steps.

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Steps for How to update Game on ps4 Manually

Steps are basic and easy if you read them carefully, then you can easily update every game on ps4. These are the steps by which you can update games manually.

  • From the game Library, Choose the game that you want to update manually.
  • Then just press the options button on Controller, It will open the Side menu.
How to update Game on ps4
  • If theres any update available, it will start updating, if not then it will not start, but whenever updates comes you can check manually to update.

How to update Game on ps4 Automatically

you can set the settings to update the games automaticllly on Ps4. below are the steps for you can easily update the games on play station 4.

  • On the Playstation 4, open Settings.
  • Then many feautre you will see on screen, you have to click on automatic Download.
  • On the Automatic Downloads page, select “Application Update, you will see a check mark to the right.
How to update Game on ps4
  • Pres the Back button to get back to the main Settings page, then just select Power Save Settings
  • Then Select Function in Rest mode.
  • Select and enable turn on game updates of playstation 4 on network.

These are the some steps by which you can update the playstation games manually throuugh network, i hope this will work.

Thats it for today guys, these are the two methods that you are seeing above for How to update Game on ps4 manually and automatically, We hope this might helped you, if you have any query related to this please leave a comment, we will help as soon as possible.

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