J Cole Net Worth

j Cole Net Worth 2021

J Cole Net Worth 2021 – J Cole is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer. He has a very successful career in singing. His main profession is to write and sing songs. J Cole’s net worth is $35 million and is included in the list of top richest in the world. He started his career through rapping and then with his talent, he becomes of the rapping king of the industry.

J Cole Net worth

Net Worth:$35 Million
Age:35 Years
Born:18 January 1985
Country of Origin:United States
Source of Wealth:Professional Singer, Rapper
Last Updated:March 2020
ChildrenNot Confirmed
Spouse Melissa Holt

J Cole Early Life

As we told you about J Cole Net Worth and we will tell you about his early life his real name is Jermaine Lamarr Cole, he is born on 18 January 1985 in Frankfurt, West Germany. His father is doing a job in the United States Army, and his mother is Kay Cole is working as a worker in United States Portal Services. Cole has an older brother named Zach.

When Cole was young, his parents are separated and his mother and his brother went to North Carolina. This shows that J Cole has to face family problems at an early age, but this could not the barrier in his successful career. He thinks about his future and career and fulfils his dreams.

When he was twelve years old, he starting rapping. This develops his interest in rapping and singing, then he came to know that he has to try in his career in singing. With this objective, he joined a group named Bomm Sheltuh, and start performing with the group.

He does many jobs before becoming a successful rapper like selling of newspapers, as a clerk, and receiving bills. All these jobs are contributed to his success, he comes to know to work hard for achieving his goals. As a singer and writer, J Cole Net Worth is very huge.

J Cole Personal Life

J Cole is married to Melissa Holt, who is an Executive Director of Dreamville Foundation. During an interview, he also revealed that he has a son with his wife Melissa, but there is not much information is available about his son.

It is said that his wife is expecting their second baby, but it is not confirmed that it is true or merely a rumour. The couple makes their relations private for many years and never reveal about them behind media. There is not much information is available about Cole’s wife Malissa, she doesn’t reveal anything about their love story.

Cole and Melissa met in college days, and fell in love with each other, she is the first and only women in Cole’s life, who is always with him even when he is no a successful rapper.

J Cole Age, Weight, Height

J Cole is 36 years old, his weight is 91 kg and his height is 6′ 2″.

J Cole Career

Cole started his career when he was only twelve, he started rapping and joined a group for performing. His mother truly understands his talent, and he purchased the Roland TR-808 drum for him. Then he launches his song The Warm Up, in 2009 that was his successful achievement.

His other famous songs are Power Trip, She Knows, Sacrifices, Wet Dreamz, Crooked Smile, Kevin’s Heart, Love Yourz, In The Morning, and many more. He is being in the topmost successful artists in the world. He released a new song in 2010 Who Dat, and give a performance at Governor’s Ball in New York in 2014.

On 18 January, the date of his birthday, it was revealed that his album Forest Hills Drive Live was released on this date. He has many controversies, such as during his songs “Everybody Dies”, and “False Prophets”, make his controversy with the rap music.

In October 2013, J Cole established The Dreamville Foundation, and now his wife Melissa is the Executive Director of this foundation. It is one of the charity works of J Cole. He is also worked as a brand ambassador for Puma and worked with them.

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Cole earns a huge income from his singing, he makes many performances in many shows. His fans are very much liked him, he is like a role modal for the young generation who inspires then to do something in life with courage and hard work.

J Cole Awards

He is nominated and received many musical awards such as he is nominated for New Artist of The Year in 2012, Best Male Hip Hop Artist, Best Album of the Year, Best, etc. He won the awards like Best Mixtape for his song “Friday Night Lights”, Best Live Performer for the song “Himself”, Album of the Year for his album Forest Ville Drive, Lyricist of the Year again for the song “Himself”, etc.

With this, he also received one Grammy Award and one Billboard Music Award. With his honour, many institutions give him awards. He is included in the list of top most searched peoples in the United States. His fans are like him and everyday searches about him.


In our today’s article, we discuss J Cole Net Worth, his personal life, career, awards, etc. Do you like him? If yes what is the best quality you see in him? According to you what is the best song by j Cole? What do you like him most as a singer or as a rapper? Comment us in our comment section.

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