Justin Bieber Net Worth

Jusrtin Beiber Net Worth

Justin Bieber Net Worth 2021 – Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian singer and actor, who get famous at an early age. At the age of 13, he uploads his videos n YouTube, and after this, he is invited to record many albums. Justin Bieber’s net worth is included in the top 10 richest singers in the world. He has a successful career at a very young age. Peoples from all over the world watch his videos and songs, everyone in the world wanted to know about him.

Justin Bieber Net worth

Net Worth:$265 Million
Age:26 Years
Born:1 March 1994
Country of Origin:Canadian
Source of Wealth:Professional Singer and Actor
Last Updated:March 2020
ChildrenNo Children
Spouse Hailey Baldwin

Justin Bieber Early Life

Justin Bieber was born on 1 March 1994 in London, Ontario. His father name is Jeremy Jack Beiber and his mother is Patricia Mallette. Her mother was underage when she gave birth to Justin Beiber because his parents are not married at the time of his birth.

He was the only son of his parents, but he has three siblings through his father Jeremy girlfriend. But after a breakup with his girlfriend, his father again married in 2018 to Chelsey and she gives birth to a daughter named Bay.

He is the only son of his parents, but with this, he has four siblings from his father. His mother takes care of Bieber as a single mother, his father is not involved in his life, but he has contact with his father. Bieber did his studies in Jeanne Sauve Catholic School, during the studies he also takes participate in playing the guitar, drums, and piano. Then, his interest is music develops.

When he was 12, he took participate in a singing competition in Stanford and he gets the second position in this competition. His mother posted the video of his performance on YouTube, his relatives and friends appreciate his performance. His mother truly understands the talent of Justin Bieber and always supports him.

When she get knew that Bieber has the talent to attract peoples towards him, she started uploading other singing videos of Bieber. Bieber’s popularity is increasing day by day and everybody likes him. Justin Bieber net worth is very huge as compared to other singers. Justin Bieber net worth is increasing when started giving his excellent performances.

Personal Life Style:

In September 2018, Justin Beiber announced that he soon get married to an American citizen, Hailey Baldwin, and now she is the spouse of Justin Beiber’s property. They both get married in 2018.

Before his marriage with Hailey Baldwin, Bieber is dating Selena Gomez, but the relationship no went much longer, as they separated in 2012. Then he is engaged with Hailey Baldwin in 2017, and married in 2018.

Beiber has many tattoos which we see on his body during his performances. His tattoos are religious and related to Gods, and angels, which clearly shows when we see it.

In 2014, Bieber was firstly arrested by the police, because of his accused driving. The police have the belief that his license has been expired and he still continuing driving with an expired license. They are claimed that Bieber is consuming alcohol, and drugs, at the time they are arrested him. There are other many issues with the law of Justin Bieber.

Age, Weight, Height

Justin Beiber is 26 years old, his weight is 70 kg and his height is 5′ 9″.


He started his career through uploading his singing videos on YouTube. Then Scooter Braun, who is a marketing executive of a songs recording company, will searching for a new singer. When he saw Justin Beiber’s videos on YouTube, he was so much impressed by his singing.

He soon came to contact with Beiber, and at the age of 13, he went to Georgia with Scooter Braun to record some songs. Then he was signed by Raymond Braun Media Group, Scooter Braun in 2008, became the manager of Justin Beiber.

Beiber’s first song was released in July 2009, which was named “One Time’, the song rocks on the audience, it become successful all over the world. Then his next rack, “My World” was released on 17 November 2009. His most successful and blockbuster songs are One Less Lonely Girl, Love Me, Favorite Girl, The Next Star, Good Morning America, The Today Show, and Never Say Never.

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Justin Beiber gives a performance in Indonesia in 2011. All his songs series are the most selling music series in all over the world and are included in the Hot 100 chart. His performances are so much liked by the audience, he also performed in many Award shows and talent shows.

In November 2019, Bieber with the British singer Ed Sheeran released a song named “I Don’t Care”, and it become a blockbuster at international level. He announced to release documentary series on YouTube, his fans is excitedly waiting for this.

He is among the most searched in all the over world. Peoples are crazy about him and his songs. Justin Beiber net worth makes him the only most youngest personality who is included in the list of top 10 richest persons in the world.


Justin Beiber is one the most selling music series artist, who earns millions every year only through the sale of his music series. In 2012, the prime minister of Canada Stephan Harper celebrated him with the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal.

The other awards of Justin Bieber are as he received Platinum Award in Canada and Gold Award in United States for his song “One Time”, received nominations for Grammy Awards and one Grammy Award, two Britt Awards, nineteen Billion board music Awards, and the many other achievements. Justin Bieber net worth is the award he achieved in his career.

His songs make new records in history, so much liked by his fans. In case of his fan following, there are millions of fans of Justin Beiber in different countries. Not only his home countries United States and Canada, but in all over the world.

To achieve such type of big achievement at an early age is not an easy task. Lot of Difficulties have to face to fulfill your dreams. He is like a role model for the youngsters to who are working hard for their dreams.


In our today’s article, we get some interesting information about Justin Bieber, a star at a very young age. Do you like him? Do you listen his songs? Do you wanted more about Justin Bieber Net worth? Which one is your favorite song of Justin Bieber. Don’t forget to comment below in the comment section.

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